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Do You Grind Your Teeth in Your Sleep?

Posted on 5/13/2018 by Downtown Dental Care Office
Teeth Grinding Downtown Dental Care OR 97205Teeth grinding is a possibly embarrassing disorder, and many people who grind need treatment to protect their teeth.

The trouble occurs for people who don't know that they grind, especially if this is a habit that affects them while they are asleep. These are the signs that you need to know.

Grinding during the Day

Many people who grind their teeth at night experience similar habits during the day. If you find it difficult to not chew on things, you could have a problem with grinding at night. When you chew on hard items like pencils, you are essentially training your jaw muscles to be tight and strong. This can cause those muscles to want to continue with the learned chewing motions even after you go to bed at night.

Waking Up with Headaches or Pain

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, aching teeth, or a headache? These are sure signs that you are grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep, especially if this is a common occurrence.

Your Teeth Are Cracked

If you notice that many of your teeth are cracked or chipped, it is possible that the excess force placed on them during nighttime grinding is the culprit. You may have been grinding your teeth for a considerable period of time before you notice this damage.

Flattened Molars

Long-term grinding will cause the teeth in the back of your mouth to flatten and wear down. They don't have to be completely flat - if they seem smoother than usual and have smaller "pot holes", you may have an issue. Many people don't notice this problem until it is too late, so you should check your back teeth regularly.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, treatment like a night guard might be in your best interest. Call us today so that we can help you to find the best possible treatment.

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