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The Most Common Reasons People Give for Not Flossing

Posted on 2/20/2019 by Downtown Dental Care Office
The Most Common Reasons People Give for Not FlossingPeople have plenty of reasons for not following the different parts of a good oral hygiene routine. One of the easiest things they find excuses for is flossing. The only way to get around the excuses is to stop using them.

Don't call a reason why you don't floss as something you cannot avoid. Knowing some of the common reasons that we hear repeated for not flossing, can stop many from using them as their excuse when they don't floss.

What People Say
It is not hard to make the list of reasons people don't floss. The reasons vary depending on the person asked. Some people use multiple reasons. These are some of the things we commonly hear.

•  Why Bother - many people don't see the point to flossing, they assume that brushing their teeth regularly is enough. It is not.
•  Don't Know How - While it is common to teach children how to brush their teeth properly, it is not as common to teach them how to floss. Because of this, many adults don't know how and don't take the time to learn.
•  Bleeding Gums - When a person notices blood on the floss or they see blood on their gums, they worry that it is the flossing that caused it. There are times when flossing can cut the gums and cause bleeding and it is not a big deal. It could also mean that a person has some problems with their teeth and gums that requires treatment. It does not mean a person should stop flossing.
•  Don't have time - This is a common excuse people use for anything they should do, but don't do.

Overcoming the Reasons
The way to overcome the reasons for not flossing is fairly easy. For people who don't see the point, an explanation of what flooding does and how it improves oral health can work. For people who don't know how, our dental professionals can show them.

For people with bleeding gums, a visit to our office can offer a solution. For the people who don't have the time, a resetting of priorities is in order. They can learn to make the time if they want to maintain good oral health.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to learn about this and other dental health questions.

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