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Dental Emergency Portland, OR

At Downtown Dental Care, we want all of our patients to be prepared for a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can be devastating if you don’t know what to do to mitigate the damage done. Dental emergencies often occur while participating in sports, but can easily occur during a car accident or even a fall. The following include some of the most common dental emergencies and things you can do to help lessen the negative impact.

We try our best to make ourselves available for all dental emergencies, so if you experience a dental emergency, call us right away at (503) 420-7600, and we will do our best to see you right away.

Dental Emergency Portland, OR

Knocked Out or Broken Tooth

Whenever a tooth is knocked out of the mouth or broken, there is a chance that you can save it as long as you follow some basic rules. First, assess the damage and make sure that you don’t need immediate medical attention. Call 911 anytime you are in need of immediate medical attention. Locate the tooth and be careful while picking it us as avulsed (knocked out) teeth can be further damaged by mishandling them. To handle an avulsed or broken tooth, make sure to grip it by the crown and never touch the broken or bloody end.

The next step is to find a safe way to transport the tooth. The best way to transport a broken or avulsed tooth is in a container with some milk in it. A Tupperware is ideal, but a cup will do fine. You can also try placing the tooth back in your mouth, either in the socket or in between your lip and your gums. Gently place the tooth into the milk and bring it to our office.

If the tooth is handled properly and is not too badly damaged we can sometimes place it back into your mouth and let it heal.

Lacerations in the Mouth

Cuts and lacerations in the mouth often bleed quite profusely for a short amount of time. They also tend to heal quickly as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Gently clean the area with some water and apply a cold compress.


If you have a toothache you could try this before calling us to check it out. Try flossing carefull around the tooth to remove any food particles from beside the tooth.Rinse the mouth out with some warm water and gently brush your teeth.

Always Wear a Mouthguard While Participating in Sports

Anytime you combine fast movement and other people or objects, the chances of dental injury goes way up. We recommend that you always wear a mouthguard while participating in sports to help protect your teeth and mouth from harm. We offer professional grade, custom mouth guards that will last you or your children a long time. There are also one-size-fits-all solutions that are available at most grocery and drug stores. These are low-cost solutions to what could easily be a high-cost accident.

If you experience a dental emergency, make sure to call us right away at (503) 420-7600.

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