When you receive an implant, the first stage of treatment is the implant placement. This simple surgical procedure ensures that the implant post is properly placed into your jawbone to stabilize your implant. Our dentists and team will work with you before, during and after this procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and that your implant placement and recovery goes smoothly. Contact Downtown Dental Care at 503-227-1693 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaveendra Ranasinghe or Dr. Kirk Christianson and learn more about implant placement in Portland, Oregon.

Implant surgery involves placing the implant post in the tooth socket. This procedure can usually be completed in just one appointment. Following your implant placement, there will be a period of healing to allow the post to integrate with your jawbone. Depending on the health and density of your supporting bone tissue, a bone graft may be needed prior to the implant placement surgery. Our dentists will examine your jaw and mouth during your initial consultation to determine if bone grafting is necessary.

The risks of dental implant surgery are minimal and are usually easily treatable. Potential risks include infection during the healing process and damage or injury to the surgical site. Please remember that the risk of these problems is extremely low and that our dentists can easily resolve any issues that do occur.

For more information about implant surgery and to schedule an appointment, please call our office today.